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Firm Overview – Jack B. Swerling Attorney At Law

Jack B. Swerling is dedicated almost exclusively to representing the accused in criminal cases: criminal investigations, criminal trials, and criminal appeals in State and Federal Courts. The firm also handles a select group of civil cases.

Courtroom Veteran

Jack Swerling has handled thousands of criminal cases in his more than 40 year legal career and he is a veteran of many memorable courtroom battles. As a Columbia criminal attorney, Mr. Swerling defends clients from all walks of life, his cases have involved crimes of every sort from drug trafficking, theft, robbery, weapons charges, murder and other violent crimes to white collar crimes including blackmail, bribery, public corruption, forgery, perjury, computer crime, extortion, money laundering and every type of fraud including bank, mail, wire, securities, tax, insurance, and credit card fraud. His practice also includes state and federal criminal investigations, and state and federal grand jury proceedings.

Two of Mr. Swerling’s cases, State v. Larry Gene Bell and State v. Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins were the subjects of made-for-TV movies, and several of his clients have been the subject of true crime books, including Bell, Gaskins, and Richard Starrett.

Known for thinking “outside the box,” South Carolina trial attorney Jack Swerling crafts innovative solutions and draws on the top investigators, forensic experts, consultants, and even professional researchers to achieve the best possible result for the firm’s clients. A highly skilled in-house support staff conducts and coordinates in-depth research, investigations, and trial preparation in each case. The team’s thoroughness and efficiency along with Mr. Swerling’s tireless and meticulous pre-trial preparation ensures that he is well prepared when he walks into the courtroom to represent a client. One of the keys to Jack Swerling’s success as a Columbia trial lawyer is the simple fact that he personally handles and supervises every aspect of each case he takes on, from investigation to trial.

No matter how challenging your case, when you choose Jack Swerling as your Columbia SC trial lawyer he will combine a wealth of experience in criminal law to build a strong defense on your behalf and pursue every option available to you. Mr. Swerling represents clients in the South Carolina Circuit Courts, the South Carolina Court of Appeals, the South Carolina Supreme Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court. He has also appeared in the North Carolina State and Federal Courts, Georgia Federal Court and Florida Federal Court.

Tested Criminal Defense Philosophy

With a legal career that began in 1973, and an almost exclusive focus on criminal law since 1983, Jack Swerling has handled many high profile cases and has tried scores of cases to verdict. He has also handled many more cases that no one in the public has ever heard of because of his commitment to protecting his client’s reputation by maintaining anonymity whenever possible. His comprehensive experience has afforded him a unique perspective and prepared him to defend his clients from every possible legal approach. Through the years, Mr. Swerling has developed a philosophy and time-tested approach to resolving the problems his clients face.

  • He firmly believes a criminal lawyer must be prepared to take a case to trial. If a lawyer is not prepared to take a case to trial, he knows that law enforcement and prosecutors will not take that lawyer seriously. By being prepared to go to trial and going to trial if necessary, he believes it is easier to negotiate favorable results.
  • Fully understanding the impact a criminal investigation, or charge, has on an individual and their family, Mr. Swerling and his staff take special care to assist each of them and his clients through the difficult and traumatic process. He has represented corporations, corporate executives, bank officials, lawyers, doctors and other licensed professionals; educators, administrators, law enforcement personnel, including agents, detectives, police officers, sheriff deputies, highway patrolmen, technicians, corrections officials, and former prosecutors; people in business, public officials and politicians as well as students, athletes, and thousands of other people that come from every part of the community. In February 2008, after a two-week jury trial, his client, a chief of police, was acquitted of voter fraud, obstruction of justice, intimidation of witnesses, and misconduct in office. In May 2008, after a one-week jury trial his client, the coroner of York County, South Carolina, was found not guilty of conspiracy to distribute, distribution, and possession of cocaine. (For additional information on Mr. Swerling’s cases click here.  For news coverage and articles click here.)
  • Although there is little hope of escaping the media in some high profile cases, his goal is to maintain privacy and keep his clients completely out of the news. He accomplishes that in most of his cases.
  • He is anxious to get involved in cases in the initial stages of an investigation and do everything he can to convince the prosecution that no charges should be initiated. If charges are brought, he does everything possible to negotiate a favorable outcome either through a dismissal, a diversion program, or if no other alternative is available, a favorable plea and sentence. He is always ready to try a case before a judge or jury if the law or facts call for it, or when no other disposition is available or acceptable to the client.
  • He thinks “outside the box” and draws on the top investigators, forensic experts, consultants, and professional researchers to help obtain the best result for each client.
  • He is prepared to pursue an appeal of a case and has been retained by clients on numerous occasions to appeal unfavorable results in cases where he was not even the original trial lawyer. He has argued scores of appeals before the South Carolina Court of Appeals, the South Carolina Supreme Court, and the Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. (For additional information on Mr. Swerling’s cases and appeals click here.)
  • He will never be outworked by the prosecution on a case and will do what is necessary to prepare every case. Even after 40 years of practice, he will work day, night, and weekends to prepare a case for trial and pursue the best results for his clients.
  • While there are no guarantees in any legal proceeding, as his client, you have his solemn promise that he will work as hard as he can to achieve the best result possible.

Hiring Jack Swerling

Jack Swerling does not charge a fee for an initial consultation. The fee charged for your case depends upon the complexities of the case, the factual and legal issues involved, the number and length of court proceedings, investigation, legal research, and the use of experts such as crime scene experts, psychiatrists, ballistics experts, and chemists, as well as a host of other experts he will call on if necessary. In most cases, by the end of your first meeting you will know the legal fee and expected costs and have an executed fee and cost agreement.

While Mr. Swerling continues to accept new clients, he cannot accept the case of every person who seeks his help. If for some reason he is not able to take your case, he will gladly refer you to other competent counsel.

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The Law Offices of Jack B. Swerling in Columbia, South Carolina is conveniently situated within steps of the Richland County Judicial Center and within three blocks of the Matthew J. Perry Federal Courthouse.

If you are charged with a crime or believe you are the subject of a criminal investigation, it is critical to retain legal counsel immediately. When you need legal help, you may call the law firm 24 hours a day at 800-701-0599 and you will be instructed on how to reach Mr. Swerling. In addition, he monitors his e-mail regularly and you may communicate with him at: [email protected].

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Jack Swerling In The News >>

  • Jack Swerling, Derrick Mobley and Alissa Wilson were successful in having a Judge rule after an extensive hearing, that the defendant was immune from prosecution based on the “Stand Your Ground” law in a murder prosecution. The Judgment was handed down on March 29, 2021.
  • Jack Swerling, Gregory Harris and Alissa Wilson obtained a Not Guilty Verdict in Lexington County on March 3, 2022. An Orthopedic Surgeon was charged with Involuntary Manslaughter in the accidental shooting death of a friend.
  • “When Jack is on my docket, I tell my law clerks, ‘You do not want to miss this. You are seeing one of the greatest trial lawyers in the state’s history.'” -South Carolina Circuit Court Judge
  • Jack was selected to Super Lawyers Magazine Top Ten List for 2019. Each year Super Lawyers recognizes the top lawyers in South Carolina via a selection process involving peer evaluations, independent research and professional achievement. The South Carolina lawyers who receive the highest points during this selection process are further recognized in the South Carolina Super Lawyers Top Ten List.
  • USA v. FRANK*: In a child pornography case, Swerling was successful in obtaining a 22 level variance reducing the defendant’s sentence from 8 years to 6 months.
  • STATE v. BORIS: The defendant was found not guilty by reason of insanity in a case where the defendant was involved in a shoot-out with 3 police officers.
  • STATE v. TYGER: Jack Swerling obtains a not guilty verdict in a criminal sexual conduct case in Beaufort County.
  • Pre Trial Dispositions: STATE v. DWAYNE: Mr. Swerling successfully argued for the dismissal of stalking and unlawful use of telephone charges brought against a prominent businessman in Florence County.
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