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White Collar Crime

Columbia White Collar Crimes

Attorney Jack B. Swerling vigorously defends clients accused of a so-called white collar crime in Columbia, South Carolina. White collar crime generally refers to charges of non-violent fraud and involves people at every economic level.

An attorney who works tirelessly to defend his clients, Mr. Swerling frequently works with individuals accused of:

  • Check fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Securities fraud

Check fraud

A check is a legal agreement to pay a business or individual.  If you write a check on account that does not have sufficient funds to cover the check, or on an account that has been closed, you can be charged with check fraud in South Carolina. In addition, if the charges include using another person’s name on the check, you could be charged with forgery and identity theft. A South Carolina check fraud lawyer is necessary to defend yourself against such charges.

Credit card fraud

Credit card fraud involves the use of a revoked or fraudulent credit card or credit card numbers to obtain property or services. Credit card fraud is often closely linked to Internet fraud and identity theft.  If you have been accused this crime, Mr. Swerling can act as your South Carolina credit card fraud attorney.

Securities fraud

Investment and securities fraud charges can be filed against an officer or director of a company for actions that include:

  • Making a material misrepresentation about the company or its stock value
  • Withholding information material to the company (e.g., the loss of a significant customer)
  • Unlawfully disclosing confidential information related to the company’s stock value

Jack Swerling provides services as a South Carolina securities fraud attorney.

Embezzlement or breach of trust

In SC, embezzlement attorney Jack Swerling defends clients charged with the theft of assets (money or property) from a business or organization. Embezzlement generally arises when people are entrusted with access to and control over the assets that are stolen.

Tax evasion

In South Carolina, it is a federal and state crime for individuals or businesses to purposefully avoid paying federal, state, or local taxes. The IRS is a difficult adversary, so if you are charged or think you might be charged, it is essential for you to retain an experienced SC tax evasion attorney, such as Jack Swerling.

White collar crime defense in South Carolina

If you are charged with—or suspect you are under investigation for—any white collar crime, it is important to realize that the ramifications can be serious, including:

  • Serving significant prison time
  • Paying significant fines and restitution
  • Forfeiting your assets
  • Living with a ruined reputation

Contact a South Carolina White Collar Crime Attorney Today

Your best defense depends on retaining an experienced South Carolina criminal defense lawyer, such as Jack Swerling, who will fight vigorously and tirelessly for you and your family.  Contact the office of Jack B. Swerling today at 800-701-0599.

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Jack Swerling In The News >>

  • Jack Swerling, Derrick Mobley and Alissa Wilson were successful in having a Judge rule after an extensive hearing, that the defendant was immune from prosecution based on the “Stand Your Ground” law in a murder prosecution. The Judgment was handed down on March 29, 2021.
  • Jack Swerling, Gregory Harris and Alissa Wilson obtained a Not Guilty Verdict in Lexington County on March 3, 2022. An Orthopedic Surgeon was charged with Involuntary Manslaughter in the accidental shooting death of a friend.
  • “When Jack is on my docket, I tell my law clerks, ‘You do not want to miss this. You are seeing one of the greatest trial lawyers in the state’s history.'” -South Carolina Circuit Court Judge
  • Jack was selected to Super Lawyers Magazine Top Ten List for 2019. Each year Super Lawyers recognizes the top lawyers in South Carolina via a selection process involving peer evaluations, independent research and professional achievement. The South Carolina lawyers who receive the highest points during this selection process are further recognized in the South Carolina Super Lawyers Top Ten List.
  • USA v. FRANK*: In a child pornography case, Swerling was successful in obtaining a 22 level variance reducing the defendant’s sentence from 8 years to 6 months.
  • STATE v. BORIS: The defendant was found not guilty by reason of insanity in a case where the defendant was involved in a shoot-out with 3 police officers.
  • STATE v. TYGER: Jack Swerling obtains a not guilty verdict in a criminal sexual conduct case in Beaufort County.
  • Pre Trial Dispositions: STATE v. DWAYNE: Mr. Swerling successfully argued for the dismissal of stalking and unlawful use of telephone charges brought against a prominent businessman in Florence County.
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