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Weapons Charges

South Carolina Lawyer Handling Cases Involving Federal Weapons Charges

Seek the assistance of an experienced attorney to defend against weapons charges

A felony weapons charge involves the illegal possession, transportation or distribution of firearms. Many felony weapons cases deal with defendants who have prior felony charges, and are therefore not legally allowed to possess any type of firearm. There is a wide variety of felony weapons case types. If you face federal charges for a weapons-related crime, seek the representation of Jack B. Swerling Attorney at Law. Mr. Swerling’s prominence in South Carolina law is based on more than 40 years of successful legal experience in the area of criminal defense.

Types of federal weapons charges

There are a wide variety of different types of federal weapons charges. Seek the assistance of a Columbia criminal defense attorney for representation in cases such as:

  • Unlawful possession. This could refer to a felon in illegal possession of a weapon, or possession without the appropriate license for the weapon. It is also important to note that convicted felons may not be in charge of ammunition or other weapons-related contraband. Additionally, the law does not make any exceptions for weapons that are inoperable, disassembled, locked up or otherwise out of use.
  • Firearms trafficking. This crime is the smuggling of weapons or ammunition, not to be confused with illegal import or export. When the firearms are brought across state lines or national borders, the crime is atomically handled on a federal level.
  • Violent crimes. Any federal crime involving the unlawful use of a firearm will be labeled “violent.”
  • Fraud. As a weapons charge, fraud refers specifically to illegally obtaining a weapons permit.

Federal penalties for possession of a weapon

If you illegally possess a weapon, you face a variety of serious penalties. Depending on your criminal record and the severity of the charges, you could face major fines, prison time, probation, strict parole and other such consequences. Retain the services of a federal criminal law firm to avoid these penalties and maintain your freedom.

Work with a South Carolina lawyer to fight against your weapons charges

Jack B. Swerling Attorney at Law provides free initial consultations to every client in need of representation for criminal law proceedings. Call the firm at 800-701-0599 or schedule your consultation online today. Now is the time to take action and avoid the hefty punishments that these charges carry.

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  • Jack was selected to Super Lawyers Magazine Top Ten List for 2019. Each year Super Lawyers recognizes the top lawyers in South Carolina via a selection process involving peer evaluations, independent research and professional achievement. The South Carolina lawyers who receive the highest points during this selection process are further recognized in the South Carolina Super Lawyers Top Ten List.
  • USA v. FRANK*: In a child pornography case, Swerling was successful in obtaining a 22 level variance reducing the defendant’s sentence from 8 years to 6 months.
  • STATE v. BORIS: The defendant was found not guilty by reason of insanity in a case where the defendant was involved in a shoot-out with 3 police officers.
  • STATE v. TYGER: Jack Swerling obtains a not guilty verdict in a criminal sexual conduct case in Beaufort County.
  • Pre Trial Dispositions: STATE v. DWAYNE: Mr. Swerling successfully argued for the dismissal of stalking and unlawful use of telephone charges brought against a prominent businessman in Florence County.
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