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Distinguished trial lawyer with more than 40 years of experience

Criminal defense attorney Jack B. Swerling has earned a reputation throughout South Carolina for being a vigorous trial lawyer. Mr. Swerling is committed to providing the best legal representation possible, no matter the charges or the identity of the accused. He pursues every legal option available to seek positive results for his clients.

A full-service trial attorney in Columbia, South Carolina

Success as a trial attorney depends on intensive investigation, meticulous preparation and skills honed over decades of practice. Mr. Swerling has enjoyed success on behalf of his clients in the following areas:

  • State criminal law practice — Most criminal charges involve violations of state law. Mr. Swerling’s South Carolina state criminal law practice defends against a variety of charges, including assault and battery, burglary, drug offenses, sex crimes, theft crimes, weapons charges and homicide. For anyone facing criminal charges, the process is stressful, and the potential consequences are severe. Mr. Swerling stands by your side from your arraignment through your trial, and even to appeal if necessary.
  • Federal criminal law practice — In his federal criminal law practice, Mr. Swerling handles crimes that violate federal statutes. These include all types of cases: white collar crime, drug charges, conspiracy, money laundering, firearms violations, tax issues and computer crimes including pornography charges.
  • Criminal fraud — Theft crimes accomplished through deception are charged as fraud. A prosecutor must prove that the defendant intended to deprive a victim of property by means of deceit. Mr. Swerling has experience addressing and refuting the elements necessary to prove fraud.
  • Grand Jury and other law enforcement investigations — Being the target of a criminal investigation or even being a material witness can be a stressful experience. The Grand Jury process poses special challenges, because the accused cannot present a case or cross-examine witnesses. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you prepare for your testimony, which can make all the difference in the outcome.
  • Appellate practice — No attorney can promise that a trial will end in acquittal. However, when Mr. Swerling tries a case, he does his utmost to preserve issues for appeal so he can challenge an adverse verdict. Mr. Swerling has had many successes in his appellate practice.
  • Select civil litigation practice — Mr. Swerling also handles a select group of cases in his civil litigation practice. He often works with other lawyers, and they have obtained substantial damages for plaintiffs injured by medical malpractice, airline crashes and vehicle accidents. They also handle workers’ compensation and products liability cases.

Contact an experienced South Carolina criminal lawyer today

Your choice of attorney can make all the difference in your criminal defense or civil prosecution. If you are in need of a seasoned and successful criminal attorney in South Carolina, contact Jack B. Swerling. To make an appointment for a consultation, call 800-701-0599 or contact his Columbia office online.

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