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The late Chief Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court, Julius Ness, was once quoted in the Charlotte Observer as saying, “I hope I will never be accused of a crime, but if I am, I certainly would want Jack Swerling to represent me.”

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One of the most important decisions you might ever have to make is the selection of the right Columbia criminal defense lawyer to represent you, a loved one, or a friend in a criminal investigation or against criminal charges that have been brought by a federal or state law enforcement agency.

Being the object of a criminal investigation is an emotional roller coaster, defending against a criminal charge is a major upheaval in life, and a criminal conviction may have catastrophic consequences including the loss of freedom.  The lawyer you select should be experienced and tested, respected among his peers and adversaries, knowledgeable in the law, adept in and out of the courtroom, skilled in the art of persuasion, tireless in his cause, and passionate in the pursuit of justice.  The lawyer should be tough when necessary and compassionate when the situation requires it.

When you choose a Columbia South Carolina criminal defense attorney, you are selecting the person who will stand between you and the government to protect your rights and freedom.  Select that lawyer based on proven ability and past performance, not on mere claims of success or fancy advertising.  A lawyer’s good reputation is not an entitlement; it must be earned through experience and the test of time.

Excerpt From Opening Statement in State v Mckown
Excerpt From Cross Examination in State v Mckown

Verdict in State v Mckown


Since 1973, South Carolina criminal defense lawyer Jack Swerling has represented public officials, bankers, lawyers, doctors, law enforcement officers, educators, business owners, business employees, executives, and athletes.  He has represented factory workers, farmers, students, government employees, sales personnel, store clerks, mechanics, and laborers.  His clientele is diverse and represents a virtual cross section of the community.

The firm’s clients are individuals and businesses who are under investigation or have been charged with criminal offenses that fall within a broad scope of serious crimes, including but not limited to, various kinds of fraud including South Carolina insurance fraud, white collar crimes, drug trafficking and possession, money laundering, weapons violations, theft and robbery, various violent crimes including murder, manslaughter and assault, tax evasion, public corruption, bribery, and crimes related to the computer and the internet.

Columbia criminal defense attorney Jack Swerling has a reputation for being a vigorous South Carolina trial lawyer, defending the rights of the accused.  He believes that no matter what the crime or who the accused, every person should be afforded the best legal representation possible.  He works tirelessly and pursues every option available for the best result attainable for each of his clients.

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