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Criminal Fraud

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Criminal fraud charges usually involve the use of misleading and dishonest tactics to obtain money from unsuspecting individuals or organizations. Fraud in South Carolina is often a state felony crime, but many types of fraud are only prosecuted in the federal courts and involve federal law enforcement agencies, and prosecutors with vast experience. If you have been charged with any type of fraud, retain the services of an attorney with a solid reputation as a trial lawyer and an authority in criminal law.

Common types of criminal fraud alleged in South Carolina

Attorney Jack Swerling provides skilled and vigorous defense by challenging the elements of the case against you. To convict you of fraud, a prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you knowingly and intentional deceived someone to deprive them of money or property. Mr. Swerling knows what must be done to help create doubt about an accused person’s intent to deceive. He has defended clients facing a wide variety of fraud charges, including:

  • Check fraud — Writing a check to pay for an item when you know you don’t have funds in your account to cover it constitutes fraud. Of course, the prosecutor must present evidence that you knew of insufficient funds and were simply using the check as a ruse to obtain an article of property.
  • Mortgage and Bank fraud — It’s illegal for loan applicants to obtain funds from banks or mortgage agencies by concealing information or making material misrepresentations. Illegal property flips, air loans, foreclosure schemes and other transgressions are all common issues at stake in mortgage and bank fraud investigations.
  • Tax fraud — Individuals must sign their tax returns attesting under penalty of law that their filing is honest and accurate. This makes it harder to claim ignorance when charged with evading or underpaying taxes.
  • Healthcare fraud —Providers, whether individuals or institutions, commit healthcare fraud when they bill private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid for services not rendered. Charges often involve allegations of unbundling, paying kickbacks, providing unnecessary or excessive services, and filing duplicate claims.
  • Mail fraud — A federal offense because it uses the United States Postal Service to commit fraud.
  • Wire fraudWire fraud uses electronic channels such as telephone, radio and television to commit a fraud.
  • Internet fraud — Involves using the Internet to commit fraud.

The penalties for felony fraud on the state and federal level are extremely harsh. You need an experienced and determined defense attorney. With Jack Swerling, you get a noted authority in criminal trial law who is determined to defend the rights of the accused.

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Choose a respected trial attorney to manage your criminal defense. Jack B. Swerling, Attorney at Law offers free initial consultations to individuals facing fraud charges. Schedule your meeting by calling 800-701-0599 or by contacting the firm online.

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