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Money Laundering

Diligent South Carolina Attorney Representing Clients in Money Laundering Cases

What is money laundering?

Money laundering is a white-collar crime that involves concealing the origin of illegally earned money. People who commit this crime must find a way to make their cash flow seem legitimate so that they can use it, usually through finding an elaborate cover for their newfound wealth. The term “laundering” is used because it is the process of making “dirty” money “clean” for use. When you face charges for money laundering, work with Jack B. Swerling Attorney at Law. Mr. Swerling has more than 40 years of legal experience in handling criminal defense cases, and his thorough knowledge of criminal law his earned many successful verdicts and filled several books.

What is the money laundering process?

Any federal criminal lawyer who represents the prosecution in your case is sure to analyze every single detail in your alleged money laundering process. There are several stages that most laundering schemes go through. These are:

  • Placement. In placement, the cash produced from illegal activities gets placed into a bank or brokerage account, or some sort of legitimate business. The money then gets transferred into money orders or traveler’s checks so that it can be spent.
  • Layering. This stage is where the process begins to get a bit more complicated. In the layering process, the alleged launderer moves money around to different areas, creating a variety of layers so that the money’s original source cannot be discovered. The money could go to multiple accounts or banks, multiple businesses, trusts and more. It could even get transferred to different countries. In many cases, people sell the goods they bought with the laundered money to create a longer paper trail.
  • Integration. This is the final stage of most money laundering schemes, and involves putting the money back into the economy. At this point, the money is seen as “clean,” and can be used for purchasing legitimate assets and services. At this stage, it is much more difficult for law enforcement to find the original source of the money.

There are a variety of defense tactics available to people accused of money laundering. Work with South Carolina criminal law attorney Jack B. Swerling to protect your reputation in court and preserve your future.

Work with a money laundering lawyer for effective representation

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