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The Bail and Bond Process in South Carolina

The Bail and Bond Process in South Carolina

In both state and federal cases, a person is usually given the opportunity to post bail and be released from custody.

Besides the obvious benefits of freedom, posting bail can make it easier for a person accused of a crime to work with a state or federal criminal defense attorney in Columbia to plan his or her legal defense.  Bail amounts can vary greatly.  If you are facing federal or state charges, your criminal defense attorney can provide a list of bail bondsmen in Columbia.

Bail Bonds in South Carolina

Bail bondsmen assume the risk that the defendant might flee the jurisdiction.

The bondsman requires the defendant to pay a percentage of the bail amount and often requires collateral sufficient to cover the full bail amount.

If the defendant fails to appear on his or her court date, the judge issues a bench warrant authorizing his or her re-arrest.  Because bail bondsmen stand to lose a substantial amount of money if the defendant fails to appear in court, they normally employ people who are authorized to track down and arrest the defendant.

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