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Sentencing Guidelines

Federal Sentencing Guidelines for White Collar Crimes


SC white collar crime charges:

You need a knowledgeable white collar crime attorney in South Carolina fighting for you. Jack Swerling has defended numerous white collar crimes.

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Congress created the United States Sentencing Commission in 1984 in response to perceived disparities in sentencing, in order to ensure that federal judges give people accused and convicted of the same crime a similar sentence. For years, federal law made the sentencing guidelines binding, but in 2005 in United States v. Booker, the Supreme Court ruled that the guidelines advisory.

Although no longer binding, the federal sentencing guidelines still very much influence the options and outcomes available to the accused and their South Carolina white collar crime attorneys.

Penalties for White Collar Crime

Despite the generally non-violent nature of white collar crime, a white collar criminal conviction in South Carolina may result in a prison sentence.  Contact a qualified South Carolina attorney who has experience in handling white collar crime.

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