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As computer technology and the internet have developed over the last several decades, computer and internet crime has become more rampant and sophisticated. However, in some cases, people accused of these types of crimes are actually victims — for example, accidentally accessing inappropriate files could lead to charges when there was no harmful intent. With the assistance of Jack B. Swerling Attorney at Law, you can preserve your clean reputation and defend yourself against allegations of internet and computer crimes. Mr. Swerling’s 40-plus years of experience give him an edge in courtroom proceedings and enable you to expect the best possible outcome in your case.

Types of computer crimes

There are a wide variety of computer crimes, each of which requires its own investigation and defense techniques. South Carolina federal criminal defense attorney Jack B. Swerling represents clients in case types such as:

  • Piracy. Piracy refers to illegal downloading or distributing of copyrighted materials online. While the most widely known cases in the news have involved music copyrights and downloading, piracy laws protect any type of media, including games, programs, movies, books and more.
  • Illegal hacking. Not all hacking is illegal — many companies hire professional hackers to test their security systems to discover potential security breaches. Illegal hacking refers to hacking done to steal personal information or intellectual property, invade secure networks and cause any sort of harm to property online or on computers.
  • Phishing. Phishing typically involves spreading malware such as viruses or spyware to attempt to gain personal financial information from web users. This could come in the form of pop-up messages, or in hidden bits of code attached to downloaded executable files.
  • Child pornography. Any pictures, video or media depicting nude minors or minors engaging in sexual conduct is considered child pornography.
  • Cyber bullying. This crime involves a person or group of people harassing another person or group of people over the internet, whether through instant messengers, social networks, internet forums or other channels.

Each type of computer crime has its own defense techniques. It is important to remember to use your common sense and best judgment whenever downloading or spreading files online. For more information and advice, speak to criminal defense attorney Jack B. Swerling.

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To schedule your free initial consultation, call Jack B. Swerling Attorney at Law at 800-701-0599 or contact the firm online. Mr. Swerling serves clients from throughout South Carolina in a wide variety of criminal defense cases. Trust in his knowledge and experience and his dedication to his work to give you a second chance.

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